• Expert Taleo & iCIMS
    Support & Remote
    System Administration
    RecruitingDash will support your
    entire Taleo or iCIMS system
    FREE for 6 months
    (An over $2300 Value)
    Note: Free offer only available to NEW RecruitingDash Support and
    Remote System Administration customers.

Let us Support your iCIMS or Taleo Business Edition System TodayContact us to arrange for your 6 month free trial.

RecruitingDash Support & Maintenance
will keep your ATS system up to date. provide all the ATS best practice setups. update your system when new ATS features are released. solve problems when you don't have the time. feel like a system admin works for your team. handle virtually anything related to your ATS.

We offer ongoing support, maintenance and monthly updates for TBE and iCIMS at a low monthly rate.

RecruitingDash helps you easily manage your Taleo and iCIMS systems.


We help you get the most from your existing system.


Our white glove, personalized and practical ATS support & maintenance will make your life easier.


Support & Maintenance from RecruitingDash is like having your own remote Taleo or iCIMS system administrator.

Benefits of Taleo / iCIMS Support & Maintenance from RecruitingDash

The single best investment you can make in your TBE or iCIMS system.

Your ATS Will Works the Way It Should

We'll show you how to make your Taleo and iCIMS system work the way that you expect.

Less Expensive Than Doing It Yourself

If you add up all the time you've spent trying to maintain and update iCIMS or Taleo, you'll quickly see our low cost solution is less expensive.

Get More Out of Your ATS Investment

Most iCIMS & TBE customers use less than 30% of their systems' capabilities.

ATS + Talent Acquisition Best Practices = Success

We really know recruiting and talent acquisition best practices. We'll help you setup and use your ATS correctly.

Never File a Ticket

Our "white-glove" on-call experts are low cost and can be used for anything related to your iCIMS or TBE system.

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Get Fast Results

We understand when you experience an iCIMS or Taleo problem, you need it fixed ASAP.

Get One-Off Questions Answered Fast!

Sometimes you just need a fast answer to a single question. The RecruitingDash team is just an email or phone call away.

Make Sure Users Use Your ATS Correctly

Don't rely on anecdotal training or “tribal knowledge” to teach your staff how to use Taleo & iCIMS systems correctly. We will train your users for you, in a best practice way.

Maintain Compliance

There's a right way, and many wrong ways, to use iCIMS and Taleo. We show you how to maintain compliance and reduce legal risk.

Improve your Metrics and Reporting

RecruitingDash will help you with your Taleo and iCIMS reporting, metrics and dashboards.

Free 6 Months of Support.
Yes, I want to try Taleo / iCIMS Support & Maintenance.

We know you'll love RecruitingDash's Support & Maintenance so much,
you can try it for free for 6 months. No strings attached.

Monthly Taleo Support & Maintenance at a Glance

If it's related to iCIMS or Taleo Business Edition, you've got support from RecruitingDash

3 Hours a Month

Three hours of on-demand expert support and hands-on administration each month.

Low Cost

How much is your time worth? Keep your recruiters recruiting, and let us handle your ATS system. For only a few hundred dollars per month, you will have your own Taleo or iCIMS expert on call, but only for what YOU need.

Simple & Fast Setup

Simply contact us below and provide an administrator-level logon to Taleo or iCIMS. That's it.

On Demand, Best Practice Taleo or iCIMS Training is Included

Schedule training or an ATS refresher for you or your team anytime!

Fast Results

We understand when you experience an ATS problem, you need it fixed ASAP. Nine out of ten issues are resolved same day!

Day-to-Day Servicing & Upkeep of Your TBE / iCIMS System

We'll make adjustments, with your approval, to keep your ATS system running smoothly.

Includes all of iCIMS Talent Cloud

We provide expert advice on Candidate Relationship Management (CRM), Digital Assistant, Employee Onboarding, Marketing automation, Opportunity Marketplace & Skillsurvey

Why Choose RecruitingDash to Provide Support?

We've been providing renowned support and system adminstration for leading ATS systems since 2012.

Talk to an ATS Expert Every Time

We call it white glove service: no tickets to file, no red tape, no hold music. Just practical, real world results. Fast.

One-Off Questions Answered Quickly!

We are happy and available to answer questions about iCIMS or Taleo and advise you on changes. Just call or email—we promise to get right back to you!

New iCIMS Releases & Features Setup

We help you keep your iCIMS systems up to date.

World Class ATS Tips & Tricks

We work with Taleo and iCIMS customers worldwide, and will share all the best practice tips and tricks to get the most from your system.

Our Experts Do All Required Configurations in Your System

You now have a team of ATS experts a phone call or email away.

What Clients Say About RecruitingDash ATS Support

Some Of Our
ATS Support

Learn More About
iCIMS or Taleo
Support and Maintenance

We've received your request! We will follow up with you soon.

How does TBE or iCIMS Support work, exactly?

It's simple. You provide RecruitingDash with a user login to your Taleo or iCIMS system. Then, whenever you have an ATS question, reconfiguration, a need to train someone on your ATS, or simply need help, you simply contact our dedicated support team who will guide you through a timely solution or industry best practice, up to 3 hours a month (or more hours if you need them).

Why do I get only 3 hours of support per month?

We offer support packages starting at 3 hours a month because that seems to be the right amount of support for most of our customers.

With Taleo Business Edition or iCIMS, most customers don't need a full time, dedicated support person, but they do need help every month to answer questions, make changes and updates, train new staff, and keep the system running smoothly.

And all of our support team are experts in Taleo or iCIMS... they work fast, and know all the best practices. It's a very efficient model.

What if I need more than 3 hours? Do the hours "roll over"?

If you need more time per month, it's no problem, we are here to help. We don't have "roll over" hours because it helps keep our cost and administration low. Give us a try - you will fall in love our ATS support services!

How do I file a ticket?

You don't! And won't! Ever. We promise! Just email or call.

We do Taleo & iCIMS support the old fashioned way - with dedicated ATS experts on call via email to respond to any of your needs. All RecruitingDash ATS experts are located in the United States and we pride ourselves on providing the best service anywhere.

We have been in your shoes! So we know that you when you have an issue, you just need it fixed fast! There are no tickets to file. No on-hold music. No red tape. Just answers, and plain old fashioned customer service, the way it ought to be.

Why do so many Taleo and iCIMS users love Expert ATS Support & Maintenance from RecruitingDash?

We hear it all the time: because it just works. In talent acquisition, you need results fast, and we deliver. Give us a try to find out! There's no risk, and no ongoing commitment. If you don't love our support, cancel anytime.